Nissan LEAF 30kWh Exterior Design near Lake Como, Italy

Nissan is once again transforming the performance, practicality and perception of EVs with the introduction of the LEAF 30 kWh – an updated Nissan LEAF that gives drivers 250 km of motoring range, beating all of its competitors in the segment. This remarkable achievement – one that opens up a new world of opportunity for drivers – is made possible thanks to the introduction of a new 30kWh battery. fThe new battery is the highlight of an update package that will see the 2016MY LEAF 30 kWh reinforce its position as the most capable and practical electric vehicle in the world, and with the best value. Introduced alongside a raft of design, technology and engineering updates, the longer range significantly broadens the LEAF’s appeal – making it a true alternative to an internal combustion engine vehicle for millions of motorists and reinforcing its position as the world’s best electric car.